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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


all the world has closed her eyes

since i heard broken in '92 i've wanted to see nine inch nails live. so dave calls me yesterday and tells me that they're coming to the coliseum in february.. well slap me around and call me susan, i decided i'm going and i'm getting the best seats in the house.

so i just picked up floor seats for me, dave, and dougie. although my hope is that they avoid too much stuff from with-a teeth. although hey, maybe i'll like it more live.

speaking of nine inch nails - renee and i watched man on fire last night. literally half that soundtrack was made up of instrumentals from the fragile and further down the spiral (the other half was mexican hip hop, sweet). but i was really impressed with the way tony scott shot and edited... lots of quick cuts with great visual effects that complemented the emotion in the story. and if you just want to watch denzel go vatos locos on some fools, you can't beat this movie. gripping and well made.


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Blogger Rob Says:

i really liked man on fire. at first, i thought it was going to be the typical "denzel" movie, but then i just sat there and watch him take person after person out in the craziest ways. great movie, indeed

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

and to add even more lovin' to this show - josh freese is filling in as drummer, who has played with the vandals, devo, a perfect circle, guns n' roses...


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