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this poison comes instruction free

oh good. another day to watch brian billick whine like a four year old schoolgirl. hey, another 'there's a lot of johnsons on that team!' rant. it's WEEK TWELVE. we get it.

the long weekend has passed quickly and naturally i don't feel as revitalized as i'd expect. i've had a few stretches where i've been able to relax but we've kept busy... wednesday night we spent at renee's parents' where we ate some homemade mexican and played lots of cards... the trend has been for me to embarass myself, floundering while trying to learn the rules of whatever new game they're throwing at me. i didn't disappoint, watching as renee won in euchre, followed by a negative score in an unnamed game and then flailing around during 'skip-bo'.

fortunately things were less competitive on thursday up at my aunt's, where we sat and watched football and ate clam dip. all of my cousins have grown up and so it's a far different dynamic than ten years ago... now it's just seeing a bunch of old friends that i've missed for a long time.

friday i played half life 2 and watched the west wing while renee hung out w/meagan. that was really the most relaxing day, as we rolled out to ski with ed and theresa on saturday morning. fortunately it warmed up to a fairly comfortable 50 by the afternoon. i managed to stay on my feet the whole day too - although i didn't really 'challenge' myself per se... which i'm fine with - i'm not shooting for the olympics, so i can go down the easy ones all day and enjoy myself.

renee and i in the lodge

on the lift at perfect north

last night after dinner w/darren and emily, renee schooled darren on some chemistry. and this afternoon, watching the bengals blow another solid opening drive in the red zone and settle for a field goal. come on fellas... we need another blowout. we need to learn to tackle. playoff teams don't throw four people at a running back and watch them all bounce off.


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Blogger Jeri Says:

You call that Sking:o) Come visit us in Boise and we will show ya sking;op

We will be driving in to Cincinnati late Dec 22nd and leaveing on the 27th. Any time ya's have free to hang let us know:o)

Blogger scott d Says:

The Warnocks taught us Skip-Bo last year and proceeded to whip our butts every stinking time we played. And we played alot. Then, finally, one glorious day we beat them (with a wicked run at the end I might add) and they've refused to play us ever since. It's a great game... if you're ever jonesing to play, we're up for the challenge. We haven't found any other couples interested in the game since those jerks moved to NC.

Blogger ryanham Says:

The Bengals did not disappoint, it was a blowout, but they kinda fell asleep late in the third quarter and let Boller feel somewhat like a man. Billick didn't whine too much either, he just mostly looked like a defeated puppy. Did you notice that he was standing by himself most of the game? I found that a little odd. *shrug*

Oh, and Bengals victories + HDTV = awesomeness.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

not as by himself as jay feely is going to be all week. month. is that an NFL record? missing three game-winning field goals in one game?

i guess it was still a solid win and maybe marvin felt bad for his old buddy billick, and so he let kyle boller build up some confidence before the victory. never thought about it like that.


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