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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


saw a face in the distance

solid, pandora is now free / ad-supported. sweet action!

renee has the day off today... wish i did.. got fall weekend so i'll be up at campbellgard the whole time. wish it had stayed warm too. hasn't been a 'warm' fall weekend in a while.

i start playing guitar for taylor on monday too... itll be the first time i've played since club ended at oak hills last year... we'll see how rusty i am.

i noticed yesterday that i get a little twitchy and restless if i stay in one place and don't move for too long. probably why it takes me so long to get to sleep and i wake up renee a dozen times just from rolling over. more like flopping over, i think, is accurate.

it seems to stretch to other things - i've had this particular blog template up for, i think, for about a year and a half. i briefly entertained thoughts of paying one of my web designer friends to write up a sweet new set of CSS templates so i wouldn't have to manually redesign. i want to remain innovative, says my brain, but maybe i'm just constantly on the move for something that'll make me feel satisfied? don't i already have that somewhere around here? hmmm.


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Blogger MikeE Says:

Pandora didn't like any of my searches for artists. I had to put a song in. Oh well. That dang technology.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

were you looking for Tiffany again, mikey? no love from pandora on I Think We're Alone Now?


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