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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the sounds just aren't sentences

the days are getting so much shorter, they just disappear before i know they're gone...

this isn't a depressed lament - simply an observation.

the new straylight run disc, turns out, is not much different than i expected from hearing hands in the sky. it could have been a jar of flies-esque miracle... but it's just six same-old songs, a little bit of variation, a dylan cover...

renee came home today and told me that the critter gitter dude shot and killed his ex-girlfriend pretty close to colerain today. we checked the news and saw that he shot himself after cornered. the crittergitter dude! who knew? well probably his ex-wife that he also beat up and terrified. geez.

i've had some fairly morbid dreams lately that have included, strangely enough, being chased by the cops after being accused of murder. i actually felt, during the dream, like i really had to figure out how to escape, cover my tracks, etc. renee thinks it's cause i played too much GTA. in any case, watching the news story, i put myself into his shoes for a second, running for my life, surrounded by the cops, figuring out what my options were... i wonder how you get to the point where that's an option. am i immune for some reason? are any of us? who's incapable?

(promise i'm not depressed, really, just thinking)

seen stuff about this movie the weather man? it's a gore verbinski flick with nick cage and michael caine. looks fascinating. and then there's walk the line... i'm not the hugest johnny cash fan but it also looks pretty intriguing. i'm sure artie already has tickets.


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Blogger MikeE Says:

I hear ya ... I feel like the days are so short and I've got so much to do ... its very wierd. I feel like I need to do so much and want to do so much but in the end I'm so tired and not sure its all worth it.

Guess I just need to win the lottery so I can have plenty of time to get stuff done.

Blogger B-Call Says:

the weatherman does look quality.
has to be better than anchorman.

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Congrats Justin, you've just been validated by SPAM.

Anonymous artie Says:

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Nope, no tickets yet, but I AM looking forward to it.

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