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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


waiting for the eastern glow

you may notice the tribute image to the defensive rookie of the year (hopefully) over that way ----->.

there are some ghetto looking shirts i put together on my cafepress store for any odell thurman fans that care to pick 'em up. i ordered mine today... in addition i put up some 'posse' stickers. i figured one would look good on my laptop or the car... grab em before the NFL shuts me down for copyright infringement on a human being. shirts are $15, stickers are $2.50.

you know what surprises me? the xbox360 comes out in a month and i couldn't care less. thought i'd be drooling for one but the media center piece looks more interesting than the games. besides maybe Perfect Dark Zero, which, for anyone who isn't a freak, is the sequel the N64 classic Perfect Dark, 'unofficial' sequel to the legendary N64 title Goldeneye, which introduced non-PC console geeks to FPS's. but yeah. the 360 hasn't knocked me over yet.

renee is babysitting overnight tomorrow which = a night free, anyone got any plans? bueller?


for this post

Blogger MikeE Says:

I'm booked this weekend but what about next weekend? I think Dara is going to her sisters for the whole weekend and I can't go cause I'm on call. Let me know.

Blogger Davie Says:


Blogger Justin Hall Says:

dave you should get that checked out man..

i cant be gone the whole weekend, i have stuff saturday :(

Blogger ryanham Says:

Jeri's going over to her friends house for movies, so I'm kinda free. I'll be playing World of Warcraft all night.

Blogger B-Call Says:

I'll be over at Jeri's with all her friends.

Blogger Jeri Says:

Dude, I'm not going butt head:o) To iky out side

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

from now on, the first half of jeri's sentences will be in japanese

Blogger B-Call Says:

it already is.


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