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a barrel of wine and whining

you'll often hear me rave fanatically about everything google does. i just watched an episode of this week in tech on google video while checking my gmail account and glancing at the feeds on my google desktop sidebar. suffice it to say they get around 50% of my software usage in a given day. most of the things i just mentioned are in beta... however google beta is different than everyone else's beta. heck, i can't complain, if they weren't beta they could charge for their stuff. they could now and i'd pay em a few bucks a month for use of gmail / google desktop / google talk...

anyway. i always vowed if google released an rss reader i'd switch. so they did. it kinda sucks. the interface is cool AJAX but unintuitive... it's dog slow... still not as cool as bloglines. maybe cause i'm used to it.

maybe i'm just bitter that they're not going to blanket our city in free wifi.

homecoming last night was about what i would expect... a northwest football game. we stayed for a little over half. we were pretty much the only non-teaching alumni there. go figure.


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Blogger misterorange Says:

Gotta agree on the RSS reader: It's complete dogshit. I use Onfolio (and they don't pay me to say that, but they did give me a free copy because I pimped it hard on my blog and gave them a quote for their homepage...phew, how's that for disclosure?), and I love it.

Bloglines is great because it keeps your shite in one place, something Onfolio can't do :(

Anyway, I'm a huge Google user and fan like yourself, and it's a pity they let us down so hard with the RSS product.

Great blog, btw.


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