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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


who's gonna drive you home?

so my doctor thinks that the pain in my back may be due to a cracked rib. from coughing. i gots some LUNGS, word. going for the x-ray after work. it still hurts like heck when i cough... when i sneeze it feels like more of a stab wound... anyway. i got some cool painkillers from him, we'll see how those work.

no theaters currently are selling advance tickets for serenity. very disappointing. clearly no one has filled them in on how good this flick is going to be. b-call's reaction to the trailer last night at vandelay: "that's what you're raving about? nerd." brain: you are correct.

hey and other great, great news, b "the system" just got hired to work with me at GE. two weeks and he's on. the man deserves a shot at a more creative, interesting job and we had just the position for him: janitor.

actually he'll be a code / linux monkey for a while, building out our Snort IDS infrastructure and perl'ing it up. and learning to exist inside the corporate beehive of death.

dude why don't i listen to the cars more? ric ocasek, man, those guys can wail. double-live gonzo. intensity in ten cities. live at budokan.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

i ask myself the same question about the cars at least 4 times a week.
sorry about the serentiy comment the other night. it was harsh. though true.

Blogger Will Says:

ric ocasek arguably botch Weezer's Green Album...

but the cars mos def negates that fact...

try something new cous: http://www.willharrelson.com/

I still have much to learn Jedi Master...

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

there's no arguably about it. the green album was weak.

however i do dig how this is such a pity from make believe sounds dead on the cars. that's where weezer needs to go: experimenting with different sounds like that. they did a little bit on maladroit.

nice site mang! i'm hyped to read it.

Blogger Austin Says:

the cars rule...

youre giving me some of those drugs :)

Blogger Rob Says:

get the doctor to give you some vikadin, and then take 3. then sit down and stare at something that won't move or change, like a wall. sit down and stare at a wall and you can literally feel whatever it is you're thinking about slip away into nothingness. you'll never feel more better for doing nothing, i guarentee it. :-D

Blogger Jeri Says:


Blogger Justin Hall Says:

correction: i'm selling you some of those drugs.

Blogger MikeE Says:

Maybe you need to be visited by aliens. This dude, who wants to build a landing strip for aliens, says he was cured of his back problem when he was visted by aliens.

Got Aliens??


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