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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


wonder why i'm so caught off guard

apple zealots will accuse microsoft of stealing all of their ideas from the macos. given a certain architecture (keyboard, mouse, 2d screen) you can really only do so much with a gui, so i've never bought into the idea.

good gravy, though, it's pretty obvious where they got their idea for their new microsoft gadgets applet site. these will run on the windows vista sidebar. pretty blatant.

jimmy eat world's new five song EP stay on my side tonight came out on itunes last night. i really dug over and disintigration (not the cure song). made my drive into work all emo.

huh. pandora knew that i'd like bad religion somehow from the stuff i picked on foobar. i wouldn't classify them with the other artists i picked... impressive. most impressive. obi wan has trained you well.


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