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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


i'm not making friends

seriously, everyone should blog. if for nothing else than creating another set of social connections, another forum of communities. so many people i know would have interesting things to say, great stories to tell..

a great example. dave felton just started a site. we were talking last night and he told me that he's going out to los angeles to co-op for three months, and nick brinkman is coming with him. they're going to drive out tomorrow, and video-document the whole thing. now if you know the two of them (and many of you do) you can imagine how interesting that trip is going to be, and the stories the two of them will have. i convinced dave that he should fire up a site and keep it updated with the things that are going on with them out there, if for nothing else than his friends can keep in touch easily...

so i'm hyped to see the video when they get it done, to hear their stories, and their band's music.

i've put it off long enough, so i'm going to try to hit the gym every day this week after work. i'm equipped with enough podcasts and video to keep me entertained while i'm there... makes it much easier to talk myself into going.

KI was great on saturday... i'm old... i got banged up and felt sore after four coasters (although one of them was son of beast which is like taking a ride in the washing machine, peter griffin style). and then we watched simon get married... and walk in to the ceremony with the groomsmen to the imperial march. brilliant.

sunday we hit up the vinoklet arts festival with my mom, dad, and adrian... a great excuse to sit and drink wine and eat cheese and sausage and listen to bad cover songs. i made it back in time for half the bengals game... although i had it recording on tivo... that 30-second skip button is very convienient to take you from the end of one play to the next...

is anyone else really excited about odell thurman? that guy was mister adrenaline, only showing up bigtime on two plays but really contributing. it's a shame that we still allowed a lot of running and pass protection looked only marginally better. the browns aren't a great team. i'm not sure how well we'll fare against the vikes, although they didn't look too hot themselves...

listening to: fleetwood mac - little lies


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