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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


you know i've had my share

if you work at GE, you know it's about to be the weekend because a virus will have just broken out in some remote part of the world where GE happens to have a site. seriously. spin a frickin globe, point your finger at some random place and i bet you there's a plant making jet engine parts or light bulbs or nuclear energy. and for the last few weeks we've gotten the call as we were about to go home (or already driving home) that we needed to get on a con call and stop another outbreak.

so here's hoping i get home unhindered tonight to hang out with some people and enjoy the oktoberfest.

this is really my favorite time of year. there's this anticipation right now at the end of august that builds with every passing day. football season is about to start and the weather's about to get radical, totally bodacious. fall in this city really sports the best weather, 60's-70's and cool. for like two or three weeks it's absolutely perfect every day. i think the random snow from october to may, and the lethal summer humidity, are both worth it for those few weeks of perfection.

you watch the west wing and wonder if new hampshire (where president bartlett is from) is like that all year. is there somewhere like that? minnesota perhaps? where it's fall all year? and i can drag a DSL line into my home, slap a dish on my roof, and enjoy a peaceful year?

God needs to hook a planet up just like that in heaven. id hang out there for eleven thousand years and then roll down to planet caribbean for like four hundred... then i'd go back and chill some more on the autumn planet, sitting in a hammock under the shade of firey colored leaves, wearing a fleece and reading Yeats.

there are lots of people that should be blogging. goodness knows there are far more interesting, relevant, smart people than me, that i know whose sites i would read every day. here are some that i just found that i can't wait to start reading regularly - sean michael murphy, who used to be on YL staff up in middletown and is now in PA; mike brown (not the evil bengals owner - the good MB); and wes brooks, who has some really sweet insights from a trip to africa. enjoy.

listening to: phish - good times, bad times


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