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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


small stones like diamonds up the drive

the best place to keep a black car from getting really dirty: not the ohio state fair parking lot / dirt pile.

we drove up last night to catch a prairie home companion with america's greatest storyteller, garrison keillor. i've always wanted to see the show live and last night didn't disappoint. it's literally the only way to get me to listen to bluegrass music. i unfortunately missed out on the fair's deep fried candy bars. unfortunate because it was for lack of trying, and not willpower. i actually want to get healthier, that's probably not the way to do it.

the ride up was phenominal. man that car is quiet! and great gas mileage too. it's smooth, almost like the thing is driving itself, sliding like silk along the highway's wide horizon. i won't lie - a small part of me feels like i'm getting into the batmobile whenever i drive it.

we have amy kreps' wedding this weekend. i think we're still watching saved! at vandelay on sunday too. netflix brought me four rooms and jackie brown - hadn't seen either of those in years, so this weekend will be a good tarantino refresher. a little samuel l, a little deniro, some banderas and robert rodriguez... i remember jackie brown being the first movie i ever saw on christmas day, feeling like i was violating something sacred, and shocked at how many people were there on christmas night. guess by the end of the night you're tired of being christmasy and you want to get out and be entertained.

today is also psp 2.0 firmware day. sony is releasing the update sometime, which includes support for the AVC4 video format (supposedly much better quality and smaller files), support for WPA (a wireless security standard), and a web browser. which means i can sit in bed and use the psp to check mail, read rss feeds... yes, that's hot.


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