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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the sweetest price i had to pay

no net access at the new place + no computer at the old place = no posting. thisll probably be the last one before the wedding.

ive now added my own AP to the list of available ones around us. still sniffable by WEP, until i learn to use WPA. blast.

thanks to big brad, we have a washer/dryer now too. the only stuff left in my old place is some food, my bed, the tv/tivo/xbox and some clothes. friday i'm moving everything (except my bed & tv).

the list of to-do's this week is pretty sick, moreso for renee than me since i'm at work all day feeling useless.


mcallister put it perfectly today, the way i'm feeling this morning: "you're getting married, dude." i realized that i'm not nervous, scared, freaked out, etc... it feels like i have the SAT's or something on saturday, cause i'm really more expecting i'm going to screw something up. a fairly standard expectation. but it's more about the event and not about the changing molecular state of the relationship. that, i'm fine with. if there was no big event and no party afterwards, this thing'd be a breeze :)

i'm clearly not going to sleep at all this week. again, it's not being nervous - when i have a big list of things to do i spent lots of mental CPU cycles organizing it and simulating the things that need to be done.

anyway, nothing more interesting will come from this post, so i'm done.

listening to: nine inch nails - the day the world went away


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