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neurological dryer lint

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ghetto people got this

my bumper sticker seems to be true today. i'm at the new place and i'm thinking, i wanna get on the web. how many open WAP's are out there that I could use? answer: four. :) and sure enough there was some poor sap with a linksys access point, using the default configuration.

hey speaking of live8 - aol has free video of all the performances from the entire show. go watch that incredible pink floyd performance a few times. it's free, sure enough - although i'd definitely pay a buck a song for some of these. definitely for green day's cover of we are the champions. bummer: gotta use IE to see it. but watching a BEAUTIFUL live version of wish you were here and money is clearly worth it. good night, if i could have been at that show...

i'm still stuck with the problem of how to get connectivity out to the living room. renee won't be wild about running cat5 from the office all the way out to the TV... but i don't want to use dog-slow 802.11 cause tivo transfers using wireless are ghetto. otherwise i'd just bridge the hub to the WAP sitting in the office.

saw this on scoble, microsoft has a neat little photo-slideshow-app called photo story. just the thing if you're looking to create simple slideshows with music, and you don't wanna blow hundreds on premiere.


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