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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


only see what you want to believe

i managed to catch bits and pieces of live8 on xm on saturday. lots of incredible acts (playing for fifteen or twenty minutes). i caught some of the cure, the jay-z/linkin park show (which made me want to pick up their collision course disc because of how well some of those tracks went together); some crosby stills & nash, velvet revolver... but the highlights for me were hearing a reunited the who and @*(#^*(@#& pink floyd. i'd sell my kidneys on the black market to terrorists to have been at that show.

everyone's raving about this u2/mccartney version of sgt. pepper... wasn't that great. gordon lightfoot, however... bet that dude rocked out.

i know the promoters wanted to 'raise awareness, not money'... although i personally don't see why they couldn't do both, because as bestweekever put it, people in africa can't eat awareness. truly taking advantage of rampant global consumerism to feed people would include selling boxed sets of the shows on dvd & cd, as well as individual shows and a 'best of' disc, and then buying wells and aids medicine.

somehow it feels like an opportunity got missed this weekend. raising awareness is a nice idea but it relies on the assumption that the people who are now aware of the problem are not selfish to the core - and in america's case, lazy - and that they will take that knowledge and act. i fear that something like that wouldn't happen. making a greater use of our consumerism to battle poverty... now that's something i can count on.

always the backseat quarterback. whatever.

cookout at the callahan's last night was prime. great food and excellent time to hang out with people. today b and i are planning on (re)building alcatraz, our new server that we're gonna colocate.

listening to: sublime - same in the end


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