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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


alone and anonymous

good things:

  • renee is moved into our new apartment
  • bradley's wedding is tomorrow
  • we're getting our programs made tomorrow
  • the new itunes supports podcasting, finally a hassle-free podcasting solution
  • my copy of firefly got here
  • i have the ultimate thing to put on top of the "groom's cake" for the wedding
  • mmm mmm, that is one tasty burger
  • new blindside disc next month
  • three day weekend, rawr

dumb things:

  • people not RSVPing to the wedding on time, you're gonna get shivved
  • i've saved too much crap over the years that i need to sort thru
  • humidity

oh. and. meijer knows what it's called.

(btw - if images don't work - try using justinhall.blogspot.com instead of blog.bootleg.org. ya heard.)
listening to: front 242 - headhunter (v3.0)


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