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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


when i tick and i tock

still in the process of moving. i feel like the 23rd is creeping up like a surprise party i know is coming... and i wish the next two weeks were already over and we were on a plane to jamaica. more work than anything else, things aren't exactly riveting there and spending a third of my day behind a desk is getting less tolerable by the hour, it seems.

i wish all my stuff was moved over to the new place... but i can't live there yet, so i guess that won't work. renee and i went to the pool over there today and it's pretty spiffy, albeit shallow and not too cold.

we've managed to hunt down mostly everyone who hasn't RSVP'd. i have a few utilities to switch on, some more furniture to buy... this is a really strange process, adventurous and interesting in that it's like nothing i've ever done before, the merging of two lives into one functional life in the context of our culture.

oh and this kinda sucks, i'm on the hook for jury duty on august 1st. do the math. not cool.

i don't know, i just wish it were two weeks from now and all the little stuff was done... and getting married wouldn't feel like a hundred little chores...

oh and san andreas is sort of frustrating. being the first GTA game i've bought, i can kinda see the fascination with the gameplay and the created world, but can't figure out how people tolerate all the frustrating little things enough to enjoy it. like driving to a gym to work out, all nice and innocent, and getting shot to death by ten gang members the second i step out of the car.

the in-game music is hot, though. one channel of all dre + cube + pac + snoop. and the xbox version automatically recognized a soundtrack i'd already put in - disc 4 of the hip hop box set. i flipped to it on accident and the next episode started playing... cinematically perfect.

listening to: ice cube - today was a good day


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