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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


realize this is a heart attack

the car arrived from columbus tonight and i picked it up around 8pm. i'm undecided on busam - for all appearances they worked hard to get me what i wanted on time, and i guess i can't blame them for another dealer's faults. but could they have worked harder? were my expectations too high? should they go no-holds-barred and make me happy no matter what?

don miller is right. i think life is a story about me.

my unabashed consumerism was fed by tasty steaks cooked to past-perfection on the new grill from renee's aunts and uncles. they stopped by to drop it off and then eat, bringing home grown t-bones and ribeyes from their farm in lebanon. it's a shame a flow regulator sabotaged my perfect grilling time - letting six inch-and-a-half-thick steaks sit in low 225 degree temperatures for 25 minutes - then kicking it up to 450 all of a sudden after discovering how to get it to turn on properly - yeah, doesn't do much for the medium-rare crowd. but they were still delicious (thanks in part to alton brown's olive-oil-salt-pepper-dash-of-soy-sauce brush beforehand). we made a full scale culinary assault, renee and i did - incredible homemade au gratin potatoes, sweet corn...

i redid the stuffed mushroom burger out there tonight, though, and it wasn't phenominal. next up: salmon.


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