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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


got yourself a gun

i was incredibly excited to see some preseason NFL on ESPN yesterday - a somewhat exciting atlanta vs. indy game where manning and vick saw a little action. but man! it's almost football time and i absolutely cannot wait. sunday afternoons where i don't have anything to plan or do for the following week, leaving me free to simply enjoy...

our defensive arsenal seems to be stepping up (although the pollack thing reminds me of third grade on the playground)... carson is looking hot in training camp... are the playoffs even plausible? or is that just a naive, childish hope?

just finished up season 5 of the sopranos. the thing i dislike (or like, i haven't decided) about the creators of this show is how they give you no warning or buildup to a significant event - it's very subtle, building slowly and quietly to something jarring, something you suspected only by thinking "they wouldn't do that...".

so now i've finished those up... i'm to date on six feet under, and enterprise... next up is some more west wing. i'm also thinking about checking out carnivale, with nick stahl and the excellent clancy brown - and i had no idea that he was such an accomplished voice actor... lex luthor... he's in spongebob... mr. freeze.. anyway. looks interesting.

i really dig cooking for renee. i can't wait til the grill gets here... until then i feel reigned in, with different grilling ideas bursting through the seams in my head.. i did mushroom-stuffed burgers, salmon, and i'm loading up some deep-fryer experiments too. can you think of anything off the bat that you wouldn't like better deep fried? i couldn't either.


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