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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


gonna smile and not get worried

so i've mocked apple's computers for years - for their non-upgradeable proprietary hardware, their lack of affordable software and crappy selection, their rabid fanboy zealots, their toys-r-us GUI that they call an OS...

but now that they've committed to the x86 platform for the future... heck, they just released a two button mouse...

what the heck is wrong with me? i'm actually considering giving them a shot.

patience has never been my strong suit. i'm well aware that every time i sit down at a system running OSX i allow a "(*@# you" attitude carrying over from my teenage years take over and cloud my vision with contempt. reading over reviews and product pages, it seems OSX has some cool little features that i might actually enjoy using. i also hear it's good for *nix admins. my problem is i've never given it a chance - i've always had a barrel-full of snide remarks and arrogance loaded and ready whenever i've had to use a mac. i'm sure i could learn to find my way around and even appreciate its quirks. i don't want to be like those old engineers i work with that can't fathom ever needing anything beyond Windows 3.1 - i need to learn and adapt.

i'll be honest, i don't have any love for windows and i wouldn't mind dialing down the worry about patches, spyware, viruses, etc... not that OSX doesn't have any vulnerabilities - but side-by-side with windows, it's a pretty sad story. and i won't be using linux on the desktop anytime soon, there's still too much it can't do.

i'm sure i could find all the freeware apps i need to do the stuff i need to do...

what a disturbing morning this has been, thinking these forbidden thoughts. maybe i ate something bad last night and this will pass.


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