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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


more pies to bake up

things have been fairly nonstop since we got back from the motherland. the trip was a lot of fun, very relaxing and beautiful. i got to try a lot of new eats - including some lobster that i really liked, a hundred new kinds of fish, a crab-meat omelet... but even sweeter was renee's foray into new food - when we were at margaritaville she had fried conch! most impressive.

so yeah, lots of new eats, sitting on the beach, in the pool, in the air-conditioned room where i wasn't about to collapse... we snorkeled around a reef, sailed a catamaran around the bay... yeah it was fabulous. a shame renee and i both forgot our digital cameras and all we have is a disposable with about 20 pictures. oh well. it was nice to get home though. so we could get straight into moving and opening wedding gifts and doing laundry.

being married is indeed an enjoyable thing. it's been fun to do all these things together and cleaning out my old place yesterday, an endeavor that would have certainly been devastating and stressful alone ended up being okay. she's an incredible support that knows just what to say to reassure me, calm me down, etc...

honestly though it feels fairly normal. no shock to the system or dreadful realizations about the end of my independence. just like the next logical step, clicking into place right at the right time.

hey thanks to everyone who came up to the wedding / reception. it was beautiful to see everyone and i wish the night could have been longer so we could have talked to everyone. the reception felt like five minutes long. i didn't even get to eat any of my groom's cake (the chocolate one with the futuristic warrior robots from the planet cybertron on top). and hey if you took pics at the wedding let me know, i'd love to get copies.

one funny story - we took a catamaran cruise to a place called 'half moon bay', it was a (very overpriced) additional tour thingy. while sitting on the beach, a crazed british guy that had come on the cruise w/his wife and kids stormed onto the boat and grabbed one of the jamaican crew guys and tried to drag him back to the shore, screaming that the guy 'shouldn't touch young girls'. the jamaican dude denied it but the british guy wouldn't leave him alone. we ended up sitting there waiting for them to clear it up for about an hour. at one point the british guy tried to run through waist-high water to attack the jamaican guy. note: it doesn't matter who you are, you will look really stupid while trying to run through waist high water.

anyway after an hour the crew all returned to the boat and said 'it was a big misunderstanding, the british guy didn't know what he was talking about'.

and they left him and his family there. moral of the story: don't @#*(& with jamaicans.

in a few days we'll have the new place in (more) order. i can't wait to get my grill. and to play with my new deep fryer. i made burgers stuffed with chopped mushrooms last night too, using this thing we got called the 'magic bullet' that's basically a handheld blender/food processor, it rules rules rules.

well now i have depeche mode stuck in my head, ain't that a banger.


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