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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


holding my breath all my life

new blindside!! geez, where have i been? the great depression came out last tuesday. so far it's interesting, just a tick more innovative than their previous material. has a goofy 'intro song' that's a speech melodramatically expressing the meaning of the album's title.

i like it, it's a good addition to their catalog, but i'm underwhelmed right now (granted that's only three songs in out of thirteen). although with silence and about a burning fire it took me well over six months to fully appreciate all every piece on the disc.

i feel like i've been sabotaged in keeping my temperature low this year. first our A/C goes on the fritz at the old place right when we start using it - the place staying a consistent ten degrees above where we have the thermostat set. then my wedding occurs during one of the hottest weeks on record for the city. all the while the A/C in my car becomes random, the compressor making frightening noises and the air temp varying between 'barely cool' and 'hot breath on my neck'.

listen to me, poor american boy, his air conditioning isn't perfect. someone shoot me. how fricking pathetic.

anyway. carrying on with consumerism... the new car. six months of research have culminated into tonight's virtually certain purchase of an '05 nissan altima. i found a dealer that wasn't hostile *cough* and was willing to work with me. i'm fortunate i got rid of mine now - it's fairly difficult to convince someone to give you an even trade on an eight-year old sedan with 154k on it :)

so we'll see tonight if i come home in the sweet, sweet cold air of full-blast A/C. oh, it's this color blue.

listening to: blindside - we're all going to die


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