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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


takin' care to look for sharks

it was a fairly uneventful weekend. i changed it up at montgomery inn on friday - i went ribs & crab cakes instead of the staple ribs & chicken combo... getting two small chicken-nugget-sized crab cakes instead of a huge chicken breast is kind of a letdown, especially since it costs more.

saturday i didn't leave the house, as renee was feeling sick. i got to work on the slideshow and music for brandon and cari's wedding this weekend. i had to branch out of my typical moody-acoustic-rock for this as depressing mellow rock do not accurately reflect brandon and cari at all. i would represent them as a large statue of kirk franklin, in fact. wearing a pink hat.

as a result you'll be in for some fairly random sounds if you're going this weekend. i pulled out the beach boys, c + c music factory, ben harper, and ciara, among others.

watched the third string orange and black slap around the redskins. it was a chick fight, honestly, vaguely interesting. despite our much-touted newly-hardened defense, washington ran on us for an average of 5 yards a carry. that's hot.

i also pulled out san andreas again, which marked the first time i've played video games since before the wedding (not counting lumines on the plane). renee regarded my mowing down of a street full of Ballas with my AK with disbelief, exclaiming "you couldn't do that in real life!"... like i couldn't work an AK on some fools! she must not know that i'm from the streets.

but that's how i roll.


so gaming again... my lineup of xbox titles includes one that renee and i could enjoy together (burnout... doubt she'll want to throw down in street fighter anytime soon). so i'm on the hunt for some more that'll engage both of us.

still no PSP v2 update! the message boards on the official sony site are all up in a fervor. i feel good that i'm whining like the 14-year olds on that site about sony's broken promise to have it out by last week's end.

my ipod's battery is winding down once again. i think this time it's toast, and i'm going to use my $50 gift card to the apple store to refresh on a new 20GB color. almost half the price of the last one i got. thank you progress.


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