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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


too much tripping and my soul's worn thin

look at how big that frickin storm is. it covers half our country. we were watching it at vandelay tonight for a bit, wondering how pwned new orleans is gonna be tomorrow.

talking about that, and about who today's equivalent of pharisees are, and how crazy new orleans is, and a bunch of other stuff got me thinking. how long do you think it'll be until a Christian talking head (a pat robertson or a jim dobson) makes the claim that this storm is God's wrath on the evil sinners of the city of new orleans for the immoral behavior? i'm laying money on tomorrow afternoon.

does this prediction count towards what i was saying a few days ago? screw it if it does - if some moron lays that down they deserve to be criticized.

and i do too, for doing the same thing in a different way. for the ways that i categorize and judge and label people i don't even know.

this is dumb. i'm going to bed.


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