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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


tired of telling you something

okay this is how awesome Pandora is. i built this station called foobar express. i gave it jimmy eat world, fsf, blindside, afi, weezer, and craig's brother.

so far it's given me:
saves the day - morning in the moonlight
our lady peace - a story about a girl
garageland - fingerpops

and the kicker

sebadoh - cliche

FRICKIN SEBADOH. bustin out the OLD school jams. know who they remind me of? anyone remember Clandiah? seeing them up at miami?

i know i said this in the comments on the previous post, but you can hit that link and listen for free for up to 10 hours. im not sure how long the station lasts for a non-subscriber, so who knows if itll be there? i'm still on the fence about subscribing... if i could listen to streaming audio at work i would definitely fire it up...

in sadder news my ipod is about to kick the proverbial farm. yeah. several years old (its a Gen 2), on its second battery, the audio plug has been broken for months and now it's starting to skip at random, i think the drive might be going bad. normally a 3-year lifespan on a device like this is only decent, but ive beat the crap out of this device and i'm surprised it didn't kick off sooner.

why is it i have a million things to write about some days and some days i can't think of a thing?

hmm. spitalfield? these guys aren't bad.


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Anonymous Clam dip Says:

I remember clan diah.




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