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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


cast off the crutch that kills the pain

are you watching this game?

palmer just got intercepted in the endzone. hmmm. well i was just about to say that he looks flawless this game. still looks bloody good though. they're just trashing the heck out of the minnesota defense. our d is still allowing a little too much run... but what do you do, it's game two and we were up 14 after like 8 minutes.

i did make it to the gym almost every day this week. wore me out. there's a window between 5:30 and 6:30 when the place is almost empty and i can roll in and out quickly.

both of the new burnout versions have made it home this week. legends is a near-perfect port of b3... with no motion blur being the only real visual difference. they made it insanely easy to takedown another driver, too - hit them at a reasonable speed from behind and they fly off the road. this one's a keeper, no doubt about it.

revenge is different. also really good, but it's taking a bit to get used to the difference. the tracks wind all over the place much more... and they're more detailed, which makes discerning traffic much more difficult. although it's not a huge deal because now you can hit same-direction traffic and it doesn't wreck your car - it gives you boost. the crash mode (where you try to cause as much financial damage as you can in one wreck) has changed a lot too, and i'm not sure if i like it. there's no more multipliers, and you're still expected to rack up around $3 mil per round to get a medal... so they just have more cars hit any given spot.

if you have a PSP legends is really a must-have. revenge is fun, interesting, but the jury's still out on if it's better than 3.

did you catch threshold on friday? i'm sure a lot of star trek people did - created by brannon braga, one of the producers of the last three series'... starring brent 'data' spiner... it's too bad it's a weak, poorly-written (despite well-casted) mix between the x-files and CSI. but hey... charles s. dutton and a midget keep it cranked up a notch.

good lord, false start number 3 in the 2nd quarter. let's get it together, people.


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