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renee and i got out of the house finally on friday night... went down to newport, ate at the pub and saw corpse bride, which if you're a tim burton fan at all you've already seen. there's always a little too much singing for my taste in the animated movies... beyond that, though, it was a funny, clever story, excellent voice acting, and fairly short. have you noticed this trend lately? check through the list of what's playing around here.... a bunch of these clock in at 90 minutes or a little more. that's weak.

the margin of our win over the bears didn't seem to match the quality of the game that produced the score. our run was all but shelved by the bears' defense... so bratkowski drags out the long bomb and it works a couple times. for now. against lesser teams. we're going to try that against indy or pittsburgh and it ain't gonna cut it. heck, the bears held chad to 77 yards, three catches. we'll eventually come up against a team that'll hold chad, TJ, and chris henry, and we'll have to overcome that, and it won't come from rudi running into a metric ton of defensive line. we have to convert on more than two third downs.

that said... the defense shined. what planet am i on? i was impressed as crap by the d. one could say we're almost legendary in forcing turnovers and then taking advantage of them. one could also say we've just played against quarterbacks that turn the ball over (orton, culpepper)... the thurmanator's enthusiasm cost us some penalties while it fueled him to pull of some great plays... i've never seen someone so excited in an NFL game as him after his 23-yard interception run.

speaking of penalties... it's getting sick. think about how that game would have looked minus those nine mistakes. if i were marvin i wouldn't let those guys have more than a second of celebration. we just stepped onto the playground with the big boys and we can't stand around all smiley and happy. i'm sure in four or five weeks they'll be ironed out, in any case.

still good to see them in first place, though. i think we have more than a chance against indy, too. i cant wait to be at that game.

its been two months since the wedding, and we're still pictureless. i called again today and got some excuses from the photographer (taylor made images, stay away from them). something about having to add artistic quality to the pictures... and apparently getting involved with some other project that delayed the rest of his wedding shots by a month and a half. sweet. we're supposed to have them accessible by the end of the week.

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Blogger Rob Says:

its funny that the staple to the bengals has been the offense, yet this year it's been the defense that has been the most impressive. i know that you said that we'll go up against teams that will stop t.j., chad and chris henry. but if carson continues to throw the ball like the first touchdown to chad, no defense will stop him.

i dont know if i should see the new tim burton movie or not. it's a little out there, but i've always had respect for tim burton's work. its unique.

oh, and i hope chad never stops his celebrations in the end zone. never ever ever.

Blogger scott d Says:

Thou shalt not speak a negative comment of the 3-0 Bengals. Doesn't that sound crazy??? The three and oh Bengals. 2-0 on the road. Amazing. Last I checked, a win vs Cleveland was worth the same in the standings as a win vs Philly. Therefore, the 3-0 Bengals shalt not be criticized. Enjoy it.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

that 3-0 aint worth jack if they don't make the playoffs. and if they don't learn how to adapt to defenses that put up more fight than a five year old, they ain't goin nowhere in the playoffs.


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