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the past few days i've had a little pain in my back, i just figured i'd been sleeping on it weird, or it was from screwing something up at the gym... i only noticed a few times a day. well last night i was coughing a lot and in the middle of a fairly violent burst i felt something in my back pop. like actually pop, like there was a balloon in there or something. hurt like crazy. at first i thought i tore something and i freaked renee out a little bit. turns out i just severely strained some back muscles.

the rest of the night i couldn't move very well and i didn't sleep at all. got up this morning and got the medical professional's advice - ice it, stretch it out, ice it, stretch it out, etc...

so i'm at home, logged into work, with an icepack. it's starting to feel better but it's still sore as crap and hurts to bend down or turn or sit.

the worst thing though is that it hurts terribly to cough. so my sinuses are severely clogged and i can't breathe for crap and i can't do anything about it. and i'm pretty frustrated.

anyone know a chiropractor in the area that's good?

i switched my comments over to blogger's system. the last two years of comments have been exported to CAIF XML and until blogger allows importing, they're sitting on my PC...


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Blogger Jeri Says:

Blue Ash chiropractry is good and Christian. They were going to advertise in the magazine back in the day. Not sure thei number but they are called Blue Ash chiropractry

Blogger B-Call Says:

Dude, that post is rittled with possible jokes. You can enter your favorite here

Blogger MikeE Says:

You need the same type of comments as the wackmcs ... not a big fan of this setting.

Oh yeah .. I get back spasms all the time. I like Ibuprofen as a solution. I used to take Vioxx till I found out it could kill you if you took 100 a day.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

cally - you know how long it took me to write that so that the whole post wasn't one big joke? that crap was crafted, son.

Blogger mr. e Says:

Check out a doctor of osteopathic medicine. They have an MD but are trained in the same things as chiropracters. I'd tell you to go to mine, but it's way over here on the east side. Go here , find one close by and make sure he's covered by your insurance.

Blogger Dave Felton Says:

you dont want a chiropractor...you want a massage dude. trust me. its a common misconception.

you can get a cheap one at the cincy school of medical massage. let me know if your interested and i'll hook you up with the number

Blogger Jeri Says:

My friend Charity Yagar is a massage theropist in Northern KY Want her office number?


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