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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


come through with my hoopty, scoopin chicks up at UC

upgrading to gallery 1.5.1 was a huge pain... i had to edit several of the scripts myself to fix bugs... but in any case it's working now (i hope) and i got up the first round of wedding pictures. i'm not sure if anyone else has any but i'd love to get copies if you do...

they're playing an MC from these parts on XM 66raw... dude named hi-tek... the track is called the Nati streets, its got slim thug, snoop dogg and talib kweli... the best is how he mentions Deveroes' in the track. that's how we do in cincinnati...


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Blogger ryanham Says:

What's up with cuttin Jeri out of all the pictures? *sniff* not cool dude!

Blogger Simon Says:

Mentiones? Is that some wierd French jibberish? What you smokin' fool!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

it's italian

dude, i didnt take any of the pictures, dont be hatin on me, lush :)

Blogger Jeri Says:

It's ok Ryan....it doesn't surprise me:O)


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