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tomorrow on bob edwards they're interviewing this guy, jim wallis. he wrote a book called God's Politics that sounds pretty interesting... sounds like he talks about how both (major) sides of the partisan war are missing the point when it comes to the role of "religion" in governing the country... and by religion it seems he's talking more about moral arguments than spirituality.

i've long since abandoned trying to rationalize to others why i lean to the left politically and continue to call myself a follower of Jesus. i know both can be possible. obviously i haven't read the book yet (and i think i will) but from the interview i read it sounds like he's sort of pushing in that direction. so it might be interesting. i did enjoy this quote from the interview:

'[Dr. Martin Luther] King did it best: Bible in one hand, Constitution in the other. He never said, “I’m religious, so I get to win.” He didn’t said, “God spoke to me, and I have the fix for Social Security.” He said, “I’m motivated by my faith, but I’ve got to persuade the public on the basis not of religion but of the common good.”'
i guess i've been watching too much west wing and it's grown this foolish notion that some day any politician, from any branch of our government, from any political party, can be trusted to really work for the greater good of the country and the world - not to simply garner more money, power, and respect. you'd think cynics like me only get worse.


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Blogger mr. e Says:

Good Post. It sucks being surrounded (at least for me) by people that I share so much in common with that also think differently than I do. It also sucks having another label being put on you when people realize your a Christian. So how was the interview?

Blogger Will Says:

interesting thoughts.

justin, how the hell do i get my blog to produce a feed. I've turned it on and it's not doing jack.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

you got it working - i subscribed to it with bloglines. nice!

everyone else - add a site feed so i can subscribe to your junk w/bloglines... DO IT NOW


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