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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


through the pinhole stars

so smallville, huh? so far season 5 has been a little less predictable and a little more risky. looks like someone on the production team finally woke up.

around this time last year i was in a stressful, overworked-underpaid job at a small company where i had nowhere to go. this year i'm enjoying myself, occasionally looking forward to going in. i'm on a team with people i really like working with. and i get to start working with one of my best friends.

last year i was going to oak hills football games, feeling like i wasn't quite where i was supposed to be. this year i'm going to northwest's homecoming, i'm doing new leader training instead. last year i was pretty desperate for consistent fellowship with other guys... this year i have vandelay, and i see artie, steve, and brian pretty regularly.

last year i was focused on a ridiculous nationwide human puzzle called i love bees. mostly it was an interesting distraction because i was weighed down by my last quarter of college, work, ministry, and an impending wedding - which scared me because i knew nothing about this huge-scale expensive party that created entire industries.

this year i'm not weighed down. i love my wife and i'm ecstatic about being married. i'm done with school. ministry feels right. i feel close to God. i feel at peace. some of my close friends are also married, have kids, or are close to having kids, and it's cool to watch.

heh. a day ago i walked outside after work and it was 82 degrees and i kicked on the air in my car. today i went outside and it was 53 degrees and i threw on a fleece. i love this city.

last year the soundtrack to this was jimmy eat world's futures. i literally couldn't stop listening to it. right now the soundtrack is the smashing pumpkins' adore. i popped it in yesterday and i think the weather changed to match the mood of the album.

btw if i ever do the opening credits for a film, i'm going to use daphne descends off that disc cause it's a song meant for the opening credits to a film.


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Blogger Rob Says:

adore is my favorite pumpkins cd. such a beautiful, mellow cd

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

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Blogger Jeri Says:

Life changes a lot in a year....i'm glad others are starting to experence it too!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

adore is one of my favorites too, cause it sounds so not like a pumpkins album. it sounds like billy corgan singing for depeche mode.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

The pumpkins are good stuff. About 10 years ago I was at musician friends house and heard these incredible acoustic songs from them. It was the B side to an import, blah, blah.. Some of the best acoustic songs I've EVER heard. So I've looked everywhere for them, including Napster back in the day, and haven't been able to find them since.

From the desk of the person that replaced Justin at his old job: 2 words: "Amen Brother."

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

why were their b-sides always so much better than their album stuff?

Blogger misterorange Says:

Wow, Adore fan too? Jesus christ, brother you are officialy subscribed!

I bought Adore on tape (remember those?) and I played it so much I had to buy another. Yes, seriously. Fookin brilliant record. Love every minute of it to this day (but unfortunately I can only take it in small doses because I wore it out, as explained).

Daphne is a great song though. I once performed Once Upon A Time in front of a few hundred people. It was fun (and all acoustic).


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