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all those things i wish that i could say

MXPX used to be one of my favorite bands... saw them live more than a few times and enjoyed every show. Over the years they slowed down and focused more on production of their albums, like any other punk band that lasts more than two years. As a result their last three discs sound very, very different than their first three. If the left side of the spectrum is Black Flag or Minor Threat, and the right side is Good Charlotte or Simple Plan, these guys have slowly crawled to the right.

So I was surprised that Panic, their new disc, walked back to the left a few steps. I didn't think they had anything left that was innovative, figuring every disc they released from now on would sound pretty much like the last one. It's definitely worth checking out if you've ever liked these guys.

In addition to the painkillers I'm taking for my back, I started some new allergy drugs called Zyrtec, to alleviate the coughing. The painkillers are working, but naturally, the allergy stuff ain't. Nothing can stop the cough.

Worse, the side effects really suck. My mouth is dry all the time and my jaw feels like someone took it apart and put someone else's teeth in. I know that sounds really messed up. I'm not sure which one is causing which symptom... who the crap knows anymore, half of my bloodstream is made up of man-made chemicals.

Northwest homecoming tomorrow night. It dawned on me that out of the people I'm still friends with from high school, there are only a few of us that married into the N-dubs family - Darren & Emily, Brad & Lindsay, Eric & Amanda, and me and Renee. Anyway I'm excited to go back, I used to miss homecoming every year because I was at Oak Hills games. And I can't remember ever being at a Northwest football game when we had a reasonable chance of winning.


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Blogger Simon Says:

That's still like 85% of the people you hang out with. We've got an odd circle of friends. Look around, how many people our age still hang with people they went to high school with, let alone marry one?

Blogger Simon Says:

plus, there really weren't that many more cool chicks anyway, so pickin's were slim!

Anonymous Tonya Rose Says:

Hey Justin! About your allergies. I have tried it all, and am allergic to everything but dogs. I feel your pain. I went to an allergist 6 months ago and they put me on QDall. I also use Nasonex (nose spray) and Patanol (eye drops). I covered my bed and pillows with these covers (b/c of dust mites), use air purifiers in the house (industrial strength!), vacuum 3x a week (slow and deliberate), change the sheets at least once a week, wash things more often (clothes, bathrooms etc) and my symptoms have improved a ton. I haven't had any issues for 6 months. You might want to go to an allergist and get tested or ask your doc about QDall if you haven't tried it. It's a once a day pill, and this is the first thing that has truly worked for me in years. Good luck. Try cough drops too.
Have fun at NW homecoming and what's up with simon saying there were slim pickins???? haha.

Blogger Jeri Says:

It is kinda odd...maybe your a cult...haha KIDDING. I'm still in contact with a bunch of my friends from HS. It's been nice being near them again after 8 years away.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

tonya - good call, i'll check w/my allergist on that. another pill can't hurt...

i got tested about 6 months ago.. i'm still allergic to pretty much everything. except shellfish, which went away, and cats, which also pretty much disappeared.

simon - slim pickings indeed, none of us married people in our class. darren and i had to get freshman to go out with us... well at least i did... darren's a male model

Blogger Jeri Says:

it's cause all the good gals are in VA


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