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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


how many mics do we rip on the daily

apparently, if every NFL game consisted of the last two minutes of the half, we'd be unstoppable. the rest of the first half was just disappointing. granted, they're facing a team whose coaching staff includes norm chow, the guy who mentored carson. hopefully that's why they kept him reigned in. and any team with a decent run offense can still give us grief.

did you see carson and rudi in this week's espn the magazine? interesting article. rudi cracks me up. if you aren't reading rudi on the web every week you're missing out.

last night we hit up the st. rita's haunted house. waited 90 minutes in line for a five minute walk through a house. but we enjoyed hanging out while standing in line.

the weekend has flown by and we're probably going to be fighting a worm this week at work. a long week ahead...


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Blogger MikeE Says:

Getting the kids kicked out of line was also sweet. Big ups to Ed for getting security.

Blogger unixlinux Says:

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Blogger MikeE Says:

Nice cat jewelry. Check out McDonalds hooking up Nintendo DS's with free WiFi.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

liar! your blog isn't really about cat jewelry. although there are some fascinating stories about cats on there.


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