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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


rusted halo on my head

i'm clocking in at 26 on thursday. the plans: go to the doctor and find out why i can't bite down and my right eye is, as KMFDM puts it, "twitching like a cup of squirming flies." i've always wanted to use that line somewhere.

i've spent most of my nights this week watching the west wing marathon. they're showing all of season 6 this week.

b started yesterday at GE. it's a trap! actually no. it's great and been a lot of fun so far. i think he's enjoying it too.

what to say about the bengals. did you think they were gonna be 16-0? i knew that once we were really challenged we'd take a hit. it'll wake up the team from their celebrity-induced slumber and they'll become battle-hardened veterans by week eight. they're far, far from out of it.

patch tuesday was today. we got one that might be pretty bad, turned into a worm by... well past events show us, friday or saturday. watch the news. and patch your PC so you're not a part of the problem.

finally - two new authors have been added (or will be once they accept) to wack mc's - the gooch and the swordfighter.

oh and i'd like to point out why boston legal is one of the greatest shows on TV: i just saw james spader and william shatner flying in a chopper, with five iron frenzy's oh canada playing in the background.


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