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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


i wish i was on the highway

these kids are outside my second-floor window and they're playing baseball. you know that sound the aluminum bat makes when it connects? i hear that every minute or so and i keep waiting for the ball to bust through the window and jack me in the forehead.

i'm very un-hyped over the ipod video. it's nice that it costs the same... so i can pick up a 30GB for the same price as the one i was looking at before. right. but competition for the PSP? nooooo way. it'll (hopefully) force sony to drop the INSANE price for UMD movies .. seriously... why would I spend $25-$30 on a disc i can only play on one device, when i can rip a DVD that cost me $10 less, play it on my PSP, and about a hundred other devices as well? yeah maybe the 'rip-encode-copy' process is a bit much for the average consumer... they won't have a 1GB memory stick... but one device! still! limit my capabilities for using your product - and charge me more for it!

anyway. no competition. are people really gonna shell out $2 for a music video? maybe for one or two, and then lose their interest. $2 for an episode of LOST they can watch on a 2.5 inch screen? way too much real estate taken up by the scroll wheel. i do like the 'plug into a TV and watch' feature, but that cable should be included, not $19 extra. and sony ought to release the same feature for the PSP - plug into a TV and play your games / watch video on the big screen.

hey hamrick's blogging again! he's using xanga, though. another username & password to remember just so i can comment. argh. anyway read on, it's great stuff.

update: ok. i will say that the new itunes music video store is sweet. they have a lot of videos. classics like i stay away, into the void... missing two of the best music videos ever made, sledgehammer and spike jonze's masterpiece sabotage. i can't see myself ever buying one except for purely nostalgic reasons, and i certainly can't watch them at work or in the car. but just cause i can't use it doesn't mean it's not a good idea - one that's long overdue.


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Blogger Rob Says:

nothing like the spam comments...

Blogger Rob Says:

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what do you think? do i fit in well with the spamming nation?

Blogger Davie Says:

all this just as i was debating whether or not i should get an ipod.

what's your advice, justin, if you don't mind my asking? since i live in clifton now i don't want to be carting my cds around to my car, and i do a lot more walking and riding the bus. i'd probably want something that would hold all or at least most of my music library. i'd want to get some of the hookups to play it in my car, too. i've been thinking of something like a 20 GB. since you've had experience with ipods, what do you think?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i've used it nearly every day for three years. it's toughed it out, considering... obviously you can get any device that plays digital music. so:

- reliable? yes. the device itself always worked, and i didn't have any real application problems with it. i got used to itunes even though it sucked, but you can use a bunch of other non-itunes apps to transfer music.

- the interface is solid. willing to bet that it's just plain better than any other digital music player out there.

- battery life is better now than on my gen-2. class action lawsuit will do that to you i guess.

there are cheaper mp3 (and now video) players out there, but not one with the interface or features... when itunes works, the ipod/itunes integration is better than any other device/software counterpart. i'd say it's the best option out there if you can swing the price tag.

Blogger Jeri Says:


Blogger MikeE Says:

If you would have started off with "Those dang kids..." I would have called you old but you didn't.

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