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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


he buzzes like a fridge

last night was dinner at montgomery inn. the guys from tipping point, who make the IPS devices we use on our network, took some of us security people and some network guys out to eat. that's a job perk i can definitely get used to.

renee got me batman begins for my birthday and it should be delivered Real Soon Now (tm). i'm extra hyped, that was a fantastic flick and i can't wait to watch the extras.

i officially transition from being a Trasys consultant to a full-time CBTS employee on monday. b and i were talking at lunch earlier this week about how much i used to hate CBT. i realize now that i was just angry because i thought their DSL service would work perfectly from day one and that some of their tech support goons were incompetent. but here we are seven years later and their DSL is near flawless and has been since '99... their tech support improved once we got some fine OneNet-trained folks over there running the joint (big ups to Kai Verspeek and Jay Coridan). most of all - every person i talk to there seems to generally treat me with respect, which wasn't the case a long time ago.

so i netflixed a disc of Star Trek: Voyager. we never got UPN here in cinci while that show was on the air so i never watched it. and everyone always bashed it, saying it was the redheaded stepchild of trek and that it wasn't worthy. so i figured i owed it a viewing, cause hey, i might like it, it's trek.

man, it's not really that good. maybe its the trek thing where things are weak for the first few seasons - every series has had that. but the cast members either overacted or were completely wooden. captain janeway (kate mulgrew) was like a robot for the first three episodes. so thumbs down on this one.

yes, the title is a radiohead line. i found one song of theirs that i marginally enjoy. don't worry, they're still the most overhyped band in human history, with coldplay as a close second. i too could whine over some disjoined piano and guitar and call it 'edgy' and 'mysterious' and 'soothing'.


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Blogger Rob Says:

whoa whoa whoa.....you see, now i'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you on the radiohead/coldplay thing.

parachutes was a nice, mellow album. a nice changed from the normal generic pop band album, filled with generic lyrics and bland sounds.

and OK, Computer was a great, great album. radiohead was/is original, and i respect that.

Blogger Davie Says:

Radiohead is amazing.

Coldplay is a semi-decent Radiohead ripoff.

Blogger B-Call Says:

keep in mind that ANY new rock after about 1998 blows goats. I have proof.

Blogger Rob Says:

whatever, OK, Computer came out in '97

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

brain still hasn't gotten over Big Audio Dynamite II. give him a few years.

Blogger ryanham Says:

All music since the Bucketheads last album has sucked and been completely unoriginal.

All except for Kanye.

Big-ups to Old Skool One Netters! RAWR! I AM TCP/IP! Brent Foster's mom!

Blogger ryanham Says:

Oh, and I forgot... YES!

Blogger B-Call Says:

That's true about BAD.
What's funny is that I DO have their great cd in my car right now.
good call J.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

the incinerator? where?

Echo And The Bunnymen. there is none higher.


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