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dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


them rings and things you sing about, bring em out

the combined letdown that every bengals fan in this city will feel if they lose to the steelers today could kill a small village. i hope the team has fun out on the field today... but they need to be wide awake and at 110% today. chad should keep as focused as he can on staying open, and not on what he's gonna do in the end zone... if paul brown were around today he'd hopefully say the same thing he did to bob trumpy - act like you've been there before.

i'm confident in the defense, though, and in our ability to get past the o-line and stomp ben a few times. pollack's been practicing like crazy all week to get himself up to the level of the rest of the team. i bet we'll see some surprises from him.

tj's in! hotness. we got three big time weapons in the backfield. guess what the first offensive play of the game's gonna be?

i enjoyed some of jay-z's fade to black dvd this morning. he almost busted out a cover of pac's ambitions as a rider. dang.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

man, that defense is something isn't it???
they sucked almost as bad as the announcers. I said, "almost."

Blogger B-Call Says:

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

i agree. the announcers did blow goats. the proof is dripping from their lips when they gave an unbiased account of the game. i know hamrick made mention of the bengals needing to prove themselves before they get respect from teh sports world, but going into a game at home with a 5-1 record should tip off these guys into at least giving them some credit. here's to teh douche-bags trashing the bengals AGAIN.
The Grizz

Blogger ryanham Says:

Randy Cross is the worst announcer ever. Seriously, how hard is his job? He has to talk every 30 seconds, reading the stats the stats person hands to him, and he can't even learn to pronounce the names of the starters. PLUS, he referred to Pittsburgh's kicker as "Kyle Larson". Wrong team buddy.

Shayne Graham, not Shaun.
"Hooshmenzadah" NOT "Hoosh-man-za-day".

Get a real job.

Blogger Jeri Says:


Blogger B-Call Says:

piss off hippie.
ps, Steve, that was me that commented about the announcers not giving respect a few weeks ago.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Take your medication Jeri.


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