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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


tear it out of these open pages

went out to pick up liberty city stories tonight. sony, those clever little dogs, require you to update your system software to 2.0, which breaks the homebrew apps... i.e. the NES emulator i've been using for the past few weeks.

so i have a call to make... upgrade? lose the ability to enjoy old-school NES stuff anywhere? shake loose the settling concrete?

(this decision, sadly, took far longer than you would expect to make)

i went for it. ha! i'm not getting old.

while i was out i caught the tail end of the new straylight run track. they have a new disc?!?!? my favorite new band of this year, so i'm hyped, right... except the song, hands in the sky, sounds like it got married to skinny puppy in vegas after a bad night of drinking. so i'm not sure yet...

they're playing sunday at kings island. i would love to see those guys live. alas... NLT and Vandelay.

maybe one of these days i'll grow up and the decision to do something meaningful instead of something eternally meaningless - i.e. go share stuff about Jesus with NLT kids, and go spend time with other guys, instead of going to a stupid concert - maybe that decision will require less thought some day. my priorities are one of those slippery new decks of cards that i try to put in the correct order, except they keep sliding into the wrong place in the pile.


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Blogger Bragg Says:

I'm imagining the Big M (that's Messiah for all you out there) hanging with His boys around a fire at night telling jokes about the political party, "Hey, what did the Pharisee say to the Hypocrite?" The boys saying, "I don't know what?" Then JC responding, "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." Mild chuckles break out and Thomas stands up and is all like, "I don't get it." Then Randy has to tell him it's a reference to a Disney movie and he needs to calm down a bit.

I don't know if growing up is the right wording there. I'm sure you have the freedom to make a decision like that once in a while. Now, if you skipped out every week to go see a show, then the boys at Vandalay have the express right to kick you in the coin purse and set you straight.

Then again I don't have the right to speak for any of those guys and if I just created a social faux pas and stepped on someone's toes, then I apologize.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i don't own a coin purse

:) Randy? did Jesus and his disciples live in alabama?

Blogger ryanham Says:

No, you gave up your coin purse when you got married. Trust me, I know, I haven't owned mine since then either.

Blogger Jeri Says:



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