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write my name somewhere safe

excellent - beavis and butthead is back on - comedy central is showing it. i'm still ticked that the time-life dvd collection i picked up a few years ago didn't have the music videos in it. the collection coming out this week has em, though. there are a handful of episodes i would love to own - i don't think i've ever laughed as hard as when they watched the cure's caterpillar. and when they watch ween videos. they just watched freedom of '76. hahahahahahahah

renee and i watched crash this morning. what a great movie - takes a really honest look at the realities of racism. luda's not a bad actor.

last night we hit zen & now with mcallister and his girl ema. excellent times - and they have food now. mcallister's got a RAZR and he quelled my one fear - apparently the battery life is alright on it. my nokia's near death - the camera's busted and it keeps shutting off at random. i've had it for a long time though... it's done well. no love on the employee discount from CBT yet, though...


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Blogger B-Call Says:

whatever dude.
anyway, I also watched some Beavis and Butthead the other day. That's great. I've been saying for years that Comedy Central needed to pick up that show. Then they showed the movie in the afternoon. Wicked. The funniest part of that movie is that its one of Murph's favorite movies ever.


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