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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


acting like i sold you crack

after three months of complaining we finally got access to our wedding pictures. it sucks that i had to yell at our photographer every few days for a month to get them... hopefully now some people *coughJERIcough* won't have to bug me about seeing them anymore...

this weekend is chock full of work for me while renee gets to go have fun... wait, is that backwards? i get to do some IPS maintenance tonight and tomorrow afternoon, and renee's going to see the moody blues with her dad tomorrow night. it's about time she got out of the house. her husband never takes her anywhere... :)

episode III on dvd tuesday. i know with episodes I and II i found a lot more about the films that i liked after watching them on my own at home a couple of times. and i really enjoy the documentaries on those. because i'm a huge geek. seriously you should watch the 2-hour documentary in the original trilogy DVD set, it's totally worth it. i promise.

dude two other guys on my team at work just said that they've never seen ATHF. i can't understand that.

so the fugees are coming back - heard their new track take it easy on 66raw yesterday. i never liked them all that much til i got into clef a few years ago and now the score is one of my favorite 90's hip hop discs. indeed!


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Blogger Jeri Says:

Dude, I haven't asked in a while and asked mainly because i wanted to show other friends who are getting married Renees hair because i'm doing their hair for their weddings:o)

Blogger B-Call Says:

oh... sweet... thanks...

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Don't know if you have already, but you definitely check out Wyclef Jean's "The Preacher's Son". It innovative and is a good listen. - Ed


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