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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the riot be the rhyme of the unheard

i'm a little stunned... one of my blogging heroes tony pierce - a funny, authentic, guy whose site you should read daily - linked to me. call me starstruck. few things would present instant pressure to become more creative.

so for some reason i keep turning on BPM (XM81), the electronica channel, and i keep enjoying it. i don't want to turn it off. never have i given this genre more than an hour or two a month outside of the occasional crystal method / chemical brothers / orbital binge. i was okay with it until this afternoon when the channel promoed the new madonna album. what have i done?

my sister just got back from italy and took some righteous pictures. there's a shot titled 'cyborg carnival masks', which is really the heart and soul of the italian people.

only one patch from microsoft's super tuesday, a vulnerability in WMF/EMF image processing. patch, i guess... although who uses WMF/EMF anyway? probably lots of people. how the crap would i know. i've been wrong about a hundred thousand times today. one of those days, when you think, i should stop opening my mouth because i can't seem to say anything remotely correct and if i walked outside and said 'hey the grass is green' it'd probably be purple just to screw with me. it's been a day where i wished rage against the machine was stuck in my head but instead it's the cure. my brain can't even get the song right.


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Blogger Rob Says:

ever since the comment on the pope right after he died, tony pierce is nothing more than an asshole to me.

Anonymous Renee Says:

Just wait until I post the Torino picts. I have a photo of the Darth Vader mask used in "Empires Strikes Back". I also have a pre-production mask of Chewy.

Blogger Simon Says:

Is there a picture of her mounting you at the soccer game?

Anonymous car battery Says:

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Blogger Justin Hall Says:

yeah i was considering adding a bit about batteries but i figured it didn't fit in too well in context... maybe you should check google or ebay for deep cycle battery in your area?

oh and all spammers should die. i should ddos your frickin webserver... you... human paraquat

Blogger Bragg Says:

i don't know what that meant JW, but i like it and i want to know how to do it too. the human paraquats must die like the dogs they are.

Blogger MikeE Says:

I've got some bandwith here at work that I could throw into the mix :)


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