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operating correctly

i spent the whole morning playing the xbox port of half-life 2. i know i'm like a year late with this comment - easily the best single-player FPS i've ever been through. it's as scary as doom 3, with a story that's actually interesting, and challenging without being frustrating... the gravity gun is absolutely priceless. i can't get enough of picking up sawblades and fire extinguishers and launching them at alien zombies.

so playing that i missesd most of the commentary on what will be the greatest football game i've ever attended. i'm leaving here in a few minutes and from what i've seen the 'experts' are split down the middle between us and indy. they keep saying 'run rudy all the time' and i really hope they don't, that they hand it to perry at least 20% of the time so indy's d-line doesn't get used to stuffing rudy every play. defensively - i'm 75% confident we can shut down james and probably 90% on marvin harrison.

its gonna be a loud day, though, and warm. dangit.


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Blogger ryanham Says:

You were right about James, no so right about Marvin. And Peyton was kinda a pompous ass after the game commenting in reference to the Bengal's plan to stop Edge and make Peyton win it, "Well, that's just not going to work against us." He could have said it was a good game and their plan didn't quite work, but no, he had to be a jerkface. Maybe he's pissed that everyone is saying that the Carson/Chad combo will be as good as the Peyton/Marvin combo.


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