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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


am i the ghost up on the stage?

pandora just handed me acroma. they're frickin sweet. but then, uh, they played white lion. what did i do to deserve that?

silly quiet at work today. i'm looking forward to a few days to relax and play half life 2. i'm really looking forward to seeing the family... i find myself missing my cousins and my aunts and uncles and my grandparents more and more every year and i absolutely love the time i get to spend with them over the holidays.

so patrick stewart has this one-man stage version of a christmas carol that he's doing in london next month for a few weeks. normally i'm no theater buff... but being a huge patrick stewart fan i would love to go see it. i'm sure it's hilarious, him switching characters and stuff... he's played ebenezer scrooge in the past and was excellent. it'd be sweet to head out there just to see it over a weekend... but renee had a good point in that, if we're going to london, i want to go when we can spend a lot of time out there and see everything.

wow, haste the day does a hardcore cover of the goo goo dolls' long way down. it's tasty.

so it's snowing now. argh. it starts. slow driving and everything being wet and muddy. and the possibility that i will be sleeping in my car at the bottom of harrison avenue because my car can't get up the hill.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

if you go see patrick stewart, call me. i'll drop everything and go watch it with you. then renee can go see all the crap that's in london.
but trust me, there's nothing there but fish and chips and a big a#s clock.

Blogger scott d Says:

Cincy Playhouse does a decent Christmas Carol. I mean, they don't have Patrick Stewart, but it's pretty good.

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Blogger Rob Says:

dude, you really need to go back to haloscan for comments. this sponsored comment crap is getting out of control


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