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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


take me on your mighty wings tonight

i could eat some mighty wings right about now, and it's 8:41am.

reading a few things now:

the cuckoo's egg - b recommended this to me, it's an old-school catch-the-hacker story. it's fascinating to read how people were doing my job 15-20 years ago.

small gods - dad handed this to me a while back and i started on it and found it very much like a douglas adams book, but not as silly. if Hitchhiker's is Monty Python, then this novel is The Office. i picked it back up after seeing it top a top 20 geek books of all time list and it's just as funny. it's the 13th book in the series, though. maybe i ought to go back to #1...

stiff - tony pierce, busblog author, assembled a line of posts concerning his travels in the afterlife with kurt cobain. it's a witty take on what life looks like in hindsight... goofy, unstructured, and really interesting.

hey, firefox 1.5 is out. you should upgrade. it's faster, with drag-n-drop tab arranging and a vastly-improved preferences page. i honestly am not sure i could surf without a search bar anymore, either... BTW if you do run firefox and haven't used the search box much, i suggest you check out the mycroft search plugin page. search stuff like wikipedia, imdb, etc straight from the search box.

and please, get away from IE as soon as you can... this vulnerability, for starters, is still hanging out in the wild. and it's not a harmless little bug - if you go to a malicious site in IE, it could exploit this vulnerability to launch code on your PC - installing viruses/worms or spyware, deleting files, etc...

i'd tell you to patch IE, but there's still no patch from microsoft. it's been ten days. awesome. thanks, closed source.

the title of this post is from the single finest musical recording produced in the 1980's, cheap trick's mighty wings. what's your favorite 80's song?


for this post

Blogger ryanham Says:

Anything that you can play on the Foreigner belt.

Blogger mr. e Says:

The Cure have to rank high up in anyone's list. Yeah, Robert Smith looked/looks stupid wearing make up, but the music can still stand on it's own.

Blogger B-Call Says:

i agree. i dig the cure.
but my favorite 80's song will always be "Walk the Dinosaur" by Was Not Was.

Blogger leslierich Says:

Seriously Justin...cheap trick?

No, no, no!

The Best 80's Song is the Pretenders Brass in Pocket

second only to Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long!


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