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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


face these things with a sense of hope

i've been digging this excellent pop/emo outfit called panic! at the disco. fairly typical 2005 rock foursome with 'the funny' and enough resemblance to video game music to perk my ears.

the holidays be upon us! a gift from the president today that inched my trust level up about as much as the rest of the country - he admitted that prewar intelligence was flawed and that it's on his shoulders. the daily show will have a field day tonight. a field night. yeah.

i'm encouraged, for one. this was huge - such a relief to actually hear a public statement from the oval that didn't make it sound like everything was going swimmingly. left wing nutjobs like myself can't quite complain as loudly today. they still will, though, but i will smile at our fearless leader for the time being. i'm sure he's very happy about that fact. :) seriously, though, finding myself in agreement with the president for the first time in a while on this subject is very reassuring - that despite flawed intelligence our goals in the conflict are positive and important for our security, and that even though the operation hasn't been flawless, i think (more like i hope) we'll look back and say it's a Good Thing (TM).


xmas shopping has very nearly concluded for me. success! i think. it's weird shopping for someone who can look at the check card receipts at any time.

turns out i don't get a whole lot of time off work over the holidays. i'm taking an extra day that renee and i will be spending in booneville once again. believe it or not i'm looking forward to the trip - she has some fun relatives and i feel way more comfortable with them than i ever have.

finally one real quick review:

the warriors

i'd heard so much about this movie lately - that it was a classic and all - mainly cause rockstar was making a game based on it. so i gave it a shot. it's the story of a late 70's new york street gang meeting gone wrong, and one gang's quest to make it back to their home turf alive.

i began the movie absolutely crying at how hilarious the gang's costumes are (the baseball furies = inspirational)... a clear indication of how silly this movie was going to be. didn't expect that 40 minutes later i'd be totally sucked in and worried that the Warrior guys weren't gonna make it back alive.

the ending was sadly anticlimactic - pretty weak for the most part. and the whole movie really felt that the director was struggling for footage to fill time. but i recommend at least one viewing to everyone who enjoys a good action flick - you'll laugh and yawn and laugh again and desperately wish you were 18 in 1979 so you could be in a new york street gang. and shout the phrase "yeah right" like it actually meant something.

so. anyone played the game, know if it's any good?


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Blogger scott d Says:

Agreed. No one can be right all the time. I think it was crazy to go as long as he had without ever admitting a single error in anything. Being able to admit imperfection is one attribute I wanted when casting my vote... it's a shame it took so long.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Warriors....Come out to Playyyay!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:


Blogger Jeri Says:

Wow...remind me NEVER to talk Politics with you Justin ;o)

Blogger Justin Hall Says:


never talk politics with me, Jeri. :)

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

woo! march 23, bogarts, acceptance + p!atd. who's in?

Blogger mr. e Says:

I was out Christmas shopping last night and tuned into 700WLW just to see what kind of spin they would give on this and the whole time I was listening, they were talking about..... racism in Cincinnati. Hmmm..

Anonymous sYst3m Says:

i'm in... i haven't been to bogarts in forever.


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