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you that build all the guns

after being shoddy against buffalo last week, i didn't think there was a chance we could do anything against kansas city today. we didn't go three and out in the first drive, fortunately, but it's delaying the inevitable. all of the comments on this being a good playoff test for us are halfway accurate... which is why we won't go past the first round if we play pittsburgh or kansas city. sorry, there's no way. we're not good enough yet. maybe next year after we work on giving carson more time in the pocket and on tackling... and on justin smith not dropping L's on receivers. seems like it either takes eight defenders to bring down someone or one guy acting like he's in the WWF.

we stand more of a chance against jacksonville, maybe, but i doubt our defense can perform well enough against them... we could win a shootout against them but it won't matter if we have to get into a shootout with jax because our opponent in the following round will tear us to shreds.

i'm a little excited to see kitna get back in and play some today. that guy deserves some time on the field.

i traded in half life 2 yesterday (what a lame ending) for star wars battlefront 2, which i'm really enjoying so far - and it's not really so much my style of game, but the controls are good and it's entertaining and fun so far. there's a good mix of on-the-ground and space fighting.

so if you're running windows XP (or 2003 server) you should watch out for suspicious links to web pages, email attachments, and IM messages that exploit the unpatched WMF vulnerability. how can you tell? well don't open stuff from people you don't know, obviously, you should know that by now :). this exploit opens holes for people to do some pretty nasty stuff to your PC - there's a video here that demos what one of the malicious sites will do. keep in mind - a popup window from a site could trigger this and infect your system... and it could hit from an IM from a friend, or an image in an email message that looks perfectly harmless...

you can take additional measures to protect yourself until there's a patch by turning off the code that is vulnerable - instructions are at the bottom under 'workarounds'.


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Blogger Rob Says:

our problem isn't our o-line. its our secondary and our d-line we either have 20 million turnovers a game or we give up 20 million touchdowns. there's no gray area. and then we give up 200+ yards and 3 touchdowns to larry johnson, and there's no way we're going to win.

and that game made me realize how much better carson palmer is then jon kitna.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

you're telling me there's no problems with the o-line when one back ran for 200 yards on us? it's not just them, though, the secondary does suck too.

crap, pollack had larry johnson in his hands behind the line of scrimmage and couldn't get him down on his magical breakaway touchdown. probably because pollack sucks.

one of kitna's INTs wasn't his fault... and while carson is leaps and bounds more talented, i'd take kitna over many of the other backups in the league...

Blogger Rob Says:

unless my memory fails, me, the o-line plays when the offense is in. the d-line plays when the defense is in. and the o-line didnt play very well on sunday, but they've been doing an amazing job protecting palmer this year. i dont think the o-line is much of a problem at all.

Blogger scott d Says:

My wife bought me a Kitna jersey for Christmas. It's high-quality.

Blogger Rob Says:

and dont get me wrong. i think that kitna is a great quarterback. probably the best back up in the league. i've just viewed palmer and kitna as being on the level since they both led teams to 8-8 records, but i think its pretty clear that palmer is a superior QB.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

yeah by 'o-line' i meant 'line', sorry for the confusion... i do think the offensive line has been pretty weak too.. carson has time because carson's good, but he still gets pressured way too often and no one's clearing any real holes for our running backs. you get tired of watching rudi fall behind the line of scrimmage nine times out of ten.

Blogger Rob Says:

carson has been sacked 19 times this year. thats pretty good. the only player who has been sacked less and was a true starter through out the year was peyton, who was sacked 16 times. and part of rudi's problem is that all he does is the same thing every time. he never runs it around the corners, so that makes it more difficult for the line to open holes when the defense knows what he's going to do.

and hey, you've got to admit. its a lot better than david carr's 68 sacks :-D

Blogger Davie Says:

rudi follows the play that is called. if they only call run it up the gut, then he's going to do just that and expect his blockers to open holes.

but i agree, the big problem is the defensive line. they don't stop the run and the don't put pressure on the quarterback. our secondary needs to cover better, but its not always their fault; when the qb has all day to throw, receivers are going to get open. that's just how it works.


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