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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


when i say shotgun you say wedding

let me once again rant about how sweet pandora is. driving to work this morning i caught the new AFI track rabbits are roadkill on rt. 37 on ethel. i only heard the tail end of it... so when i got to work i fired up pandora - and what's the first track they played me? indeed. pandora can read your mind.

renee and i had the family over last night and i attempted alton brown's city ham - yes, that's brown mustard, brown sugar, bourbon, and ginger snaps on that list. i've never once consumed a single ginger snap. anyway it turned out pretty good, and i got to play with my new electric knife. it made me think of the beavis and butthead where they're in shop class and they keep throwing stuff into the circular saw and finally beavis stares at it for a few minutes and then just sticks his finger in.

i wasn't going to cut my finger off. i really don't know why it made me think of that episode. hmm.

we've got wrap it up tonight w/vineyard people at tri county mall. you better wrap that gavel up, b.


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