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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


you should hang me on your wall

so biggie duets... worthy or just another attempt by diddy to suck some more money out of BIG's legacy?

they made the disc just long enough to stretch the 'quality to filler' ratio to worthiness. there are several rehashes of BIG classics with some other verses from other MC's and a somewhat different beat in the background. there are also a couple of really solid tracks - a mobb deep remake of what's beef, a jay-z track, and a surprisingly excellent missy elliott track. under normal circumstances she kind of annoys me but there's a portion where it bounces back and forth between four bars of missy and four of BIG and you'd swear he just recorded it. excellent.

overall though, it's an obvious attempt to make more money by rehashing stuff any moderately-informed BIG fan has heard a hundred times. almost every track has diddy's signature 'bad boy, baby' commentary in the beginning or end... there's even one track with no biggie at all, just eminem and obie trice.

and if you thought 50 was the worst MC you've ever heard, play about three seconds of a juelz santana track and you'll change your mind. hint: you can't make a song by rhyming the same line eight times in a row. well, if you're a small child, you can, but you don't deserve a recording contract. my goodness, that guy sucks.

big ups to the duebber family on toby! scott has been wonderfully open about his fears about being a worthy father to his son... and it sounds like after a few days he's already a natural. his site has some excellent, funny, insightful commentary on a week of fatherhood.


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Blogger Rob Says:

its f8ck!ng puffy trying to make a buck off the person who made bad boy successful....i wish biggie was alive to put a cap in him.


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