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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


getchoo! ah hah

yogen fruz! scrubs is back as of today. count it!

at the gym i noticed that CNN had a fascinating headline:

Capitol Corruption?

with a question mark. the leader in cable news is questioning whether lobbyists control our government's legislators. oh, you cute, naive, foolish little media outlets.

no. it's unreal that it's how the system works and everyone knows it, and no one does anything about it. that it doesn't matter who you vote into office, republican or democrat: people love money and power and will take them when offered, blue or red, because it's human nature. and then the group with the most money gets their laws made, right or wrong. it's been happening for decades, and all of a sudden one of them is so incredibly sloppy that they get caught and everyone is shocked - shocked!.

my hope is that in the coming years our era of homebrew journalism will help to hold government officials and large corporations to some kind of standard. maybe the system will change down the road and we can start trusting them again.

the other (not corrupt) system has become a staple at the office, far more necessary to our team than i am. and fairly soon we will most likely be joined by another of the legendary crew. i'll talk more about it when he leaves his current position. i can guarantee our workplace will look like the sprint/nextel commercial within weeks.


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Blogger ryanham Says:

It better dude, I except hip gyrations of fantastic proportions. Call my Dad over first, he may enjoy the humor. Oh, and who said the system wasn't corrupt?

Blogger MikeE Says:

the system is a big bad biker ... you know he's gotta be corrupt :)


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