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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


trouble since i don't know when

just saw joey porter and chad yelling at each other pregame. and jon lovitz yelling "eat the sandwich!" to reggie bush. awesome.

sitting here eating some chili, and i'm ready for a loss against pittsburgh, unfortunately, i'm still too used to being disappointed in games like this, although the 2-0 team i've seen the last few weeks has a better potential to overwhelm a fully-powered steelers defense. one three-and-out so far.

a good weekend, i needed downtime, the last few weeks at work have been heavy and high pressure and it's just going to get worse pretty much til the end of october. hung out with dave and jess on friday night, and hit up tropicana with edwin and theresa.

our directv is working nicely. the tivo remote isn't intelligent enough to channel up or down without sending the entire channel number to the dtv receiver - so surfing without the guide is pretty much out of the question. we get the game show network now, the nfl network, g4 (just as useless as you've heard), and fuse, which i'm kind of excited about.

that was a nice pittsburgh drive. i guess we weren't gonna be 16-0.

update: see what happens when you lower your expectations? you're pleasantly surprised. kevin kaesviharn is the hero of the day with that last pick. i was impressed by rudi in the last few weeks, but this week he showed none of the new-found adaptability, doing his best jerome bettis impression as he tried a hundred times to barrel through the steelers' line and got stuffed nearly every time. argh.

hmm. that element commercial... is that frylock doing the voice of the element?


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Blogger scott d Says:

hmmm... I believe what those crazy Cincinnatians say is... WHODEY?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

never has that phrase been so tainted as when it came out from above cowher's monstrous chin. the thought will haunt the landscape of my nightmares for decades.

Blogger B-Call Says:

that Reggie Bush Subway commercial is epic.
i almost peed my pants.

Blogger Simon Says:

You pee your pants anyway!

Blogger ryanham Says:

If peeing your pants is cool...bah...F**k it.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

did you see lil jon in the other subway commercial? sweetness.


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