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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


put your filas on

so i tried, gave it a week and a half...

facial hair february

but i gave up on my FHF run. i didn't look like a proud warrior, like steve bragg. i looked straight dirty. and the blasted thing was like a sponge.


so i saw this on channel 12 this morning, extolling the dangers of the "secret language" that kids are using... shortly after a teen explained that LOL meant "laugh out loud" and BRB meant "be right back", a hip-looking expert cautioned that *shhhh* all the kids were using it for was to talk about sex without their parents knowing.

i freaking give up.


for this post

Blogger Davie Says:


seriously, people in the media need to die.

Blogger Rob Says:


i tHiNk tHaT tHeY dOnT kNoW mE aT aLl

Blogger Simon Says:

Why are old people so stupid? Don't they get that it's just easier to make everything abbreviated?

Blogger B-Call Says:

did they tell you what FUBAR means???

quitter. you disappoint me. don't you know that dirty is the new 20. mine's looking glorious after a little more than 3 weeks. and only another 3 until Nick gets to spray it green again. i think i may be taking Green Beard Day to church the next morning. honestly, what's Mindee going to do about it? not going to have sex with me??? please. let's put it this way... i'm still batting a thousand.

Blogger Tony Says:

omg lol, jw, get some hair like this man http://www.alldressedupcostumes.com/photos/makeutp1.jpg

Blogger ryanham Says:

Oh Emm Gee.




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